Presupposition and Projection


Presupposition and Accommodation: Understanding the Stalnakerian Picture

Mandy Simons

Philosophical Studies, vol. 112, 2003, pp. 251-278

Presupposition and Relevance

Mandy Simons

Zoltán Szabó, Presupposition and Relevance, Oxford University Press, 2005, pp. 329-355

Foundational Issues in Presupposition

Mandy Simons

Philosophy Compass, vol. 1(4), 2006, pp. 357-372

Observations on embedding verbs, evidentiality, and presupposition

Mandy Simons

Lingua, vol. 117, 2007, pp. 1034-1056

What projects and why

Mandy Simons, Judith Tonhauser, David I. Beaver, Craige Roberts



Mandy Simons

Marina Sbisà, Ken Turner, Pragmatics of Speech Actions, (Handbooks of Pragmatics Vol. 2), De Gruyter Mouton, 2013

Toward a Taxonomy of Projective Content

Judith Tonhauser, David Beaver, Craige Roberts, Mandy Simons

Language, 2013

The CommitmentBank: Investigating projection in naturally occurring discourse

M. de Marneffe, Mandy Simons, Judith Tonhauser


On Heim's "On the Projection Problem for Presuppositions"

Mandy Simons

Louise McNally, Zoltán Szabó, A Reader's Guide to Classic Papers in Formal Semantics: Volume 100 of Studies in LInguistics and Philosophy, Springer, 2022, pp. 155-170

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