Professor of Philosophy and Linguistics at Carnegie Mellon University

Currently working on:
  • Presupposition: what it is, how it works and where it comes from -- see this new manuscript co-authored with Craige Roberts
  • Communication without Common Ground: Arguing for and developing an alternative to the common-ground based model of conversation -- see this manuscript, "Availability Without Common Ground" 
  • An ongoing side-project on nominal bridging, with David Danks and Hannah Rohde -- for example, this paper on using conceptual structure to explain bridging
I've also worked on:
  • Implicature: in particular, how to extend the conservative Gricean picture to embedded implicature -- here's a SALT paper on this topic
  • Disjunction: this was the topic of my dissertation, which I continued in some early papers -- see this paper for the pragmatics side, and this one for semantics
  • Convention: see this joint paper with Kevin Zollman
Other roles:
  • Director of the Program in Linguistics at CMU
  • Associate Editor of Semantics and Pragmatics, a journal of the LSA


Department of Philosophy

Carnegie Mellon University

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